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Constellation Research: Infor OS powers next-gen ERP with a rich platform


Miller Industries simplifies and builds agility with Infor technology

Differentiate in your industry to accelerate growth

Infor® Platform Technology is a cloud innovation platform to help you achieve real, lasting value from digital transformation and is powered by Infor OS (Operating Service). Infor OS delivers everything you need to tackle any innovation use case—from integration to automation and extensibility to data and insights—and is the fabric that connects your entire enterprise ecosystem.



  • Adapt quickly to market disruption
  • Leverage a complete cloud strategy
  • Experiment fast, productize faster
  • Employ a forever-modern solution
  • Reduce the complexity of your technology footprint
  • Elevate your data strategy for contextual insights
  • Increase efficiency and creativity for IT and the business

Infor’s cloud technology platform has been vital as we move to 100% cloud. Each time I have a problem to solve, I look first to Infor OS to solve it. It’s a powerful solution, especially for me, because each time I extend or customize our system, the goal is to add value and differentiate our business.


Infor OS helps combine services in innovative ways to solve real business problems without upgrades, downtime, or lock-in


Simplify the cloud ecosystem with proven interoperability


Optimize complex workflows and increase efficiency


Build data driven applications that are industry specific


Combine data from any source and find new patterns


Make better decisions with proactive analytics and reporting

Infor has one of the most mature EAPs in the market, a testament to a more-than-10-year R&D effort and the early decision to build on the public cloud (AWS), making Infor the first enterprise resource planning (ERP) product to run on a standard public cloud platform.


A composable platform for continuous innovation

Infor OS is the unification of industry-leading cloud technologies that create a complete suite built for agility, stability, and a solid foundation for rapid innovation and growth in a true multi-tenant cloud environment. The platform challenges the need for point-to-point technologies to provide a scalable way of managing your business and is the backbone of every one of Infor’s industry specific CloudSuite solutions. Infor OS offers innovative, simplified, and holistic solutions all in one place and extends easily to third-party solutions.

Features and benefits

Features and benefits

If your tools aren’t in sync, they’re not working smart enough

Backed by AI, cloud BI, big data insights, and the open architecture to make for easy integration and deployment, our cloud-based application platform takes today’s most innovative technologies and turns them into a tool kit for your business. The result is a platform that supports your organization’s strategic direction, with enough flexibility to scale to your long-term goals.

Growth doesn’t have to be intimidating when you have a platform built for it

Growth doesn’t have to be intimidating when you have a platform built for it

Infor OS is prepared to scale alongside your business, with a fully composable, zero-downtime modern architecture. It’s the freedom of knowing that you don’t need to break the bank to take on, for instance, multiple new machine learning projects. It’s the peace of mind in knowing that when the time does come to expand your infrastructure, you’re fully equipped to do so.

Playing nice with software you have and software you might adopt

Playing nice with software you have and software you might adopt

Want access to cloud BI that’ll help you assess your critical business processes? Ours plugs right into your existing system. Want to overhaul your operations with an entire ecosystem of data collection and analytics tools? The intuitive design and collaboration embedded in Infor OS make it easy for teams to use and customize that data, while ensuring that it all flows seamlessly across your entire business.

Moving from developers to assemblers

Moving from developers to assemblers

Take advantage of the latest innovations from Amazon Web Services® (AWS®) and remove the development burden to orchestrate these services into your environment. That means you get to take advantage of the massive amounts of R&D AWS has put into web services and security, and reduce complexity so you can focus on what’s important to your business—the results.

A partnership that supports your platform’s success

A partnership that supports your platform’s success

Technology is the backbone of successful digital transformation, but it needs to be supported by a solid, reliable partnership if it's to outpace the competition. Infor gives you ready access to experienced service teams and managed services reps that provide the support and knowledge you need to shape your platform—without restricting your prospects or avenues for future success.

Beyond technology, it’s the fabric of your business

Beyond technology, it’s the fabric of your business

Infor OS doesn’t just give you access to disruptive technology. It makes that technology a connected, flexible part of your business’s working infrastructure. That’s what we mean when we say smart, preconfigured, and modern.


Driving continuous customer value from Infor OS

Hear experts discuss how Infor OS gives you the ability to leverage various aspects of intelligence to gain insights, react quickly to business changes, and assemble components for complex projects.

The technical stack was very appealing because it is a one-stop-shop. Everything is integrated, and you can even fold in third-party external data into the data lake to do analytics and use Coleman AI. There is so much that Infor OS is providing to continuously elevate our software strategy.

Infor Marketplace: Where innovation meets collaboration

Infor Marketplace: Where innovation meets collaboration

An enterprise software ecosystem designed to provide users with convenience, flexibility, and confidence to deploy solutions that can help make their business more successful.

We didn’t have to purchase any additional software to create an innovative service to deliver to our finance team. We leveraged the technology we already owned to solve a business problem. There’s minimal incremental cost, so the ROI is fantastic.

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