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Optimize labor productivity and compliance

Built for the digital workforce

Optimize every aspect of labor management and productivity with Infor® Workforce Management. Strategically enhance workforce planning, execution, and analysis with an engaging, industry-specific, enterprise workforce management software solution built on a proven technology platform that delivers time and attendance, demand-driven scheduling, workforce scheduling, and absence management tools.

Automate even the most complex pay and scheduling rules and ensure your employees are paid fairly, accurately, and on time. Decrease the time leaders spend building schedules and editing employee's time, ensuring compliance and more meaningful work across your organization.

Unlock opportunities for today's enterprise

Utilize a proven technology

Support multifaceted integration and data exchanges with Infor WFM’s technology and architecture

Confidently comply with labor laws

Ensure legislative compliance for international, federal, state, and local labor laws

Leverage industry specialization

Address industry-specific requirements with vertically specialized modules

Intelligent mobility

Enable your people to access and act on workforce data anywhere, anytime

Machine learning

Promote the aggregation of more and better data with broader labor models, deeper flexibility with forecasting algorithms

After a thorough evaluation of workforce management and scheduling applications, we selected Infor WFM as the best vendor and product in the market to manage both our Spencer’s and Spirit Halloween stores payroll and associate schedule systems. We expect the Time/ Attendance, Labor Forecasting, Scheduling Optimization platform to have a significant positive impact to our store operations and to assist in servicing our associates better.

George Sotirin,
Executive Vice President, Store Operations, Spencers / Spirit Halloween
Time and attendance
Time and Attendance

Time and attendance

Track employee time and get the right data to payroll—every time.

  • Attendance management—Automatically track attendance policy compliance
  • Real-time pay categorization—Use employee time collection data to determine what time code, pay code, and pay rules apply
  • Balances and accruals—Automate employee balance accruals and time-off requests
  • Leave management—Easily manage employee time-off types and track sick balances
  • Employee contact tracing—Configure detailed filters to track your people’s time and shift location

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Workforce scheduling
Workforce Scheduling

Workforce scheduling

Leverage vertically specialized shift- or demand-driven scheduling tools.

  • Multi-view scheduler (MVS)—Utilize a robust industry-specific scheduling tool to meet today’s complex scheduling needs. Quickly and easily perform actions to meet coverage requirements that are and monitor key performance indicators in real time
  • Central staffing—Manage and streamline day to day scheduling operations with cross-team and staff-floating capabilities by making changes in one place that will be adjusted in all relevant areas of the system
  • Labor forecast and schedule optimization (LFSO)—Leverage data driven, scientifically optimized schedule generation
  • Fair scheduling—Ensure compliance with fair scheduling laws
  • Shift billboard—Empower your people to take ownership of their schedule and promote a culture of teamwork and collaboration
  • Schedule auto-assignment—Optimize schedule coverage, while maximizing workforce productivity

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Labor planning and forecasting
Workforce Management

Labor planning and forecasting

Take advantage of intuitive, industry specialized software for budgeting, planning, and forecasting labor demand.

  • Labor demand planning—Automate the creation of long-term budgets and forecasts
  • Budget solicitation—Leverage insights and recommendations from key stakeholders in the process
  • Modeling—Allow for the creation of what-if scenarios
  • Workload—Identify and calculate required labor hours to meet critical business objectives ensuring fair assignments across employees and appropriate workloads based on skill set and experience levels
  • Machine learning—Utilize a self-learning algorithm to analyze historical data, previous period actuals, weather, and promotional data
  • Labor forecast—Create a hyper-accurate workload forecast with real-time trending

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Infor OS

Infor OS

A robust cloud operating platform for accelerating innovation throughout the enterprise ecosytem

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