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What are manufacturing industries?

What are manufacturing industries?

Manufacturing industries are those that produce goods of some sort through a combination of human labor, automated equipment, chemical processing, tooling, and similar systems. Manufacturing relies on main steps of fabrication, processing, and preparation of goods, often starting with raw materials to result in products that can be sold via B2C or B2B channels.

What are the types of manufacturing industries?

There are many types of manufacturing industries, including industrial manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, consumer electronics manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, and food and drink manufacturing.

Process vs discrete manufacturing

Process manufacturing ultimately results in a mix of ingredients that cannot be distinguished from each other and are sold or distributed as a certain quantity or volume. In contrast, discrete manufacturing produces distinct objects that are sold or distributed individually (or in established sets).

Process manufacturing industries

Process manufacturing is divided between batch processing and continuous processing, wither either predetermined good outputs or dynamic output volumes. Examples of process manufacturing industries include chemical suppliers, food and beverage, bulk nutrition and pharmaceuticals, and oil and gas.

Discrete manufacturing industries

Examples of discrete manufacturing can include the automotive industry, furniture, toys and recreation, tech and electronic companies, clothing, and machinery.

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