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Industry first, industry always

We want to celebrate the customers, partners, and employees who have brought our 20-year commitment to industry to life.

Successful partnerships

Industry focus, continuous innovation, and scalable technology have helped us solve business challenges in partnership with our customers.

Infor through the years

Take a look at the important milestones that mark our solution developments and see how we have continuously created customer value for the last 20 years.

Celebrating our customers

See how customers have been able to solve problems and grow their businesses in multiple industries.

View all customer stories.

Appreciating our partnerships

Our strategic partners are significant in everything they do to enable customer success.

"Accenture has been proud to be system integrating and managing Infor product platforms for all of its 20 years. The longevity, consistency and continued relevance of the product portfolio for clients across the globe is the foundation of our partnership."

— Prashant Govil, Managing Director

"Godlan’s relationship with Infor has allowed us to focus on our team’s strengths. The Infor team goes above and beyond every day to make sure we are empowered to do amazing things for our customers. Our success is referenceable, happy clients!"

— Ed Lanko, President

"Since our partnership began in 2013, both Infor and AWS have had the customer at the center of everything we do. Infor’s 20-year history of industry expertise paired with AWS’s world-class cloud infrastructure has allowed us to form a partnership that unlocks business transformation for our customers. We look forward to the next 20 years of transforming businesses through the power of industry-specific cloud solutions."

— Cathy Bender, Head of Strategic ISV’s, Amazon Web Services

"Infor’s obsession with customer outcomes comes across in our collaboration and partnership across our customer journeys. On client projects, we establish frictionless interaction between our implementation team, Infor’s Global Professional Services consultants, support organization as well as product management teams to partner on client outcomes. Infor’s agility in delivering new capabilities and ability to listen to feedback has been critical in this journey."

— Gautam Shah, Managing Director, Infor Alliance

Behind every customer success story is a great team

Before we worked on industry, we worked in industry, helping us understand your business and build a partnership with you for long-term success.

Recognized by leading analysts

Learn more about our recognized capabilities and market position.

"Infor’s most valuable qualities are industry specialization and focus on mid-market. What makes Infor different is its consistent investment in technology foundation and innovation."

— R "Ray" Wang, Constellation Research

"Speed of deployment, flexibility, and industry-vertical coverage are Infor’s standouts. Coupling this with innovation in interfaces, embedding AI / iAI / intelligence in the product, and making it seamless for the user have also been differentiators."

— Chris Homes, IDC in APAC

"Not a trend follower, but a significant trendsetter – that’s Infor! Scalable, flexible, with worldwide coverage – bringing the latest services and features no matter the place, the company size, or cultural habits. Keep turning your customers’ bold visions into a reality for another 20 years!"

— Jan Burian, IDC in EMEA

"Infor's most valuable position is industry-specific solutions. As for differentiators, the Infor OS platform is impressive — it has Data Lake, robotic process automation, process mining, Coleman AI, Birst BI, low-code Mongoose, etc. And the Nexus business network, as well."

— PJ Jakovljevic, TEC – Technology Evaluation Centers

"Possessing deep organizational and operations knowledge, with core competencies like Coleman AI and Birst BI integrated with multiple software products, makes Infor different. It has strong and experienced management backed by a well-financed investment team."

— Ed O’Brien, ARC Advisory Group

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